Scribbling & Scrawling
Artist Books by Daniel Lehan. Handmade artist books and collage available to buy online.
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Scribbling & Scrawling

An open call exhibition presenting new visual literature on the theme of Scribbling & Scrawling – works that explore the handmade, the illegible, the dirty, the rough, the visual, the material, the calligraphic, the link – works which resist their content and express their context. Works that celebrate the notation, the forgotten, the colourful.

My – Young Woman Recounts Nightmare During Supper – 2014 – is included in this exhibition.

Exhibitors include

Lisa Kiew / Simone Kay / Adam Baron / Patrick Cosgrove / Alan Boyce / Simon Tyrell / Lucy Furlong / Yvonne Litschel / Molly Bergin / Dacy Lim / Silje Ree / Shelisha Johnson / Julia Rose Lewis / Olga Kolesnikova, Denise McCulloch / MJ Weller / Daniele Pantano / Paul Hawkins / Daniel Lehan / Deborah Sibbald / Mark Jackson / Lucy Crump / Alison Miller / SJ Fowler / Nicole Polonsky

Exhibition continues to 21 March 2018