Artist Books by Daniel Lehan. Handmade artist books and collage available to buy online.
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Jaipur, Dehli, & Agra, Travels Into Riso Print, Three Books By Daniel Lehan

10 to 7 April 2018

This exhibition at bookartbookshop launches three Riso books, and features in the shop window, the original collaged postcards which form the basis for the books.

The books were printed at the London Centre for Book Arts, where I usually produce editions of collaged concertina books. These Riso books are the first that I have made. The texts of each book derives from texts cut from tourist guides and histories of each city. Each copy is stab bound and a sheet of glassine separates each page. The books are approximately three times the size of the original postcard books. I am grateful to the book artist George Cullen for his help, and technical support in the making of these books.

bookartbookshop, 17 Pitfield Street, London





Counter: 4th Edition


I will be participating in the Counter Book Fair in Plymouth on Saturday 17 March, with a stall offering a wide selection of my books, and with a performance of – I AM A SQUARE – a sound text piece comprising words, poems and songs performed on a battery powered child’s Alphabet Desk, referencing Dada sound poetry, and a previous performance at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich.


Counter will bring together artists, photographers, illustrators and publishers, from across the UK and beyond. The book fair will showcase 37 tablers making a range of unique publications and limited editions ranging from zines and comics to photo books, catalogues and illustrated poetry.


Exhibitors at the Book Fair include ~ Analogue Collective,  Antler Press,  Artist Tea Towel Company,  As Yet Untitled,  Atlantic Press Books,  Benjamin Wright,  Bristol Brunswick Fig,  Clare Rogers,  Close and Remote,  Daniel Lehan,  Elena Brake,  Foreground,  Fotonow,  G.F Smith,  Guy Bigland,  H G makes,  Impact Press,  J. R. Carpenter,  Jessica Wright,  KLD Repro,  Laura Rosser,  Makina Books,  Mark Pawson,  Matthew Kay,  Midnakit & Plymouth Zine Library,  Plymouth University Illustration,  Pirrip Press,  Pylon Press,  Rachael Jenkins,  Rhys Morgan,   Semple Press,  SHAPE OF ACCESS,  Sister Sister,  STANDINGFRAME18,  TAZI ZINE,  The Art Vending Machine,  Uniformbooks.


Counter: 4th Edition, Saturday 17 March 2018, 12-6pm 
at Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard, Plymouth, PL1 3RP



Scribbling & Scrawling


An open call exhibition presenting new visual literature on the theme of Scribbling & Scrawling – works that explore the handmade, the illegible, the dirty, the rough, the visual, the material, the calligraphic, the link – works which resist their content and express their context. Works that celebrate the notation, the forgotten, the colourful.

My – Young Woman Recounts Nightmare During Supper – 2014 – is included in this exhibition.



Exhibitors include

Lisa Kiew / Simone Kay / Adam Baron / Patrick Cosgrove / Alan Boyce / Simon Tyrell / Lucy Furlong / Yvonne Litschel / Molly Bergin / Dacy Lim / Silje Ree / Shelisha Johnson / Julia Rose Lewis / Olga Kolesnikova, Denise McCulloch / MJ Weller / Daniele Pantano / Paul Hawkins / Daniel Lehan / Deborah Sibbald / Mark Jackson / Lucy Crump / Alison Miller / SJ Fowler / Nicole Polonsky


Exhibition continues to 21 March 2018



Holiday Recommendation

Sarah Bodman’s ‘Holiday Recommendation’ – First Aid Courtship – is included on the Artists’ Books and Multiples blogspot – which is dedicated to Artists’ books, multiples, recordings, postcards, magazines and ephemera – and is published by Dave Dyment, artist, writer and curator based in Toronto Canada.

First Aid Courtship  is also included in the PORTFOLIO section here.